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The Secret Scrolls!

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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret and The Power 


From The Secret Daily Teachings

Happiness is a state of being, and comes from the
inside of you. By the law of attraction you must
become on the inside what you want on the outside.

You are either choosing to be happy now, or
you are making up excuses for not choosing to be happy.
But there are no excuses for the law!
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

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From The Secret Daily Teachings

Remember to remember means remember to be aware.
Remember to be aware in this moment right now.
Being aware is seeing everything around you,
hearing everything around you, feeling everything
around you, and being completely focused on what
you are doing right now.

Most people bring what they do not want because
they are not aware that they are listening to the
thoughts in their heads about the past and the future.
They are not even aware that they are being hypnotized
by those thoughts, and are therefore living their life

When you remember to be aware, you are aware
immediately. You just have to remember to remember!
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret and The Power 


From The Secret Daily Teachings

Your body is exactly like a movie projector, and the
film running through the projector is all of your thoughts
and feelings. Everything you see on the screen of your life
is what has been projected from within you, and is what
you have put into the film.

By choosing higher thoughts and feelings you can change
what you see on the screen at any time. You have complete
control of what goes into your film!
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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Club Asteria – Scam, Illegal Scheme, Or Gateway To Brighter Future As Advertised? Commissions And Rewards Analyzed From A Legal Perspective, by Mr. Ryz on Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Club Asteria, a new internet program gaining popularity in 2010, appears to have drawn a rather diverse international crowd. At first glance the program appears to offer a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) based commission incentive to its promoters, combined with a unique rewards program using points or award values known as “Asterios.” This leaves many careful prospects wondering if the Club Asteria utilizes a legitimate rewards program or a ponzi scheme, pyramid scam, etc.
First of all, we must examine the value of a Club Asteria membership. Club Asteria does allow individuals to sign up for a free membership and test drive some of the benefits, along with their own back office. Members are encouraged to sign up for Silver memberships at $9.95 per month and Gold Memberships at $19.95 per month. These levels allow members to access more products and services, and further supplies them with additional “Asterio” credits, of which members can earn a profit from at the end of each week.
Some examples of products offered to Club Asteria members include a traffic optimizer, website creation tools, shopping mall with rebates and rewards, and various e-books. Therefore, upgraded (or “paying”) members are receiving products / services for the membership price, which would appear to satisfy the first and most important step in weighing “legitimate programs” vs. “pyramid schemes.”
However, one caveat that should not be overlooked is the true VALUE of the products and services themselves; i.e. do Club Asteria members feel that these products and services are worth the price tag attached for “upgraded” perks, even if the referral incentive did not exist? The United States FTC often uses this as a basic litmus test, whereas the concept of a “fair price” is rarely the biggest concern. Consumers typically determine the true value of such memberships / fees, and therefore, a general consensus of what is “fair” can be somewhat difficult to determine.
Here are two questions that should be asked by prospects and current Club Asteria members:
- Would anyone pay for these products / services if the business opportunity and rewards were not attached?
- Are current members using and accomplishing anything with the products / services they are paying for?
The next crucial examination revolves around the payplan. Club Asteria claims they distribute 75% of their revenues toward commissions and rewards for their business affiliates. The basic explanation on the “Commission” segment of the Club Asteria website implies that 45% of revenues are paid as direct commissions, and another 30% is divided between Gold Members and Silver Members, with a total weekly commision cap of 10%. The amount distributed to each member’s account depends on their accumulation of Asterios.
What exactly is an “Asterio“? Think of it as credit system designed to keep track of individual member’s participation and level in the Club Asteria program. Weekly distributions are then made to Club Asteria members in proportion to their Asterio count. Asterios can be earned as members purchase additional programs and services offered through their affiliates. At first glance, Club Asteria’s explanation appears to account for a sustainable reward system, which shares similarities with MLM models incorporating profit sharing pools and team bonuses.
However, the “Asterio” concept requires a very important warning. The rewards dispersed to Asterio holders must be less or equivalent to all revenues obtained by member purchases in Club Asteria; otherwise, the model would have ponzi scheme characteristics similar to Sophisticated Ponzi schemes, such as the common “Autosurf” concept (though, in this case, not requiring any surfing or web viewing). This does not appear to be the case with Club Asteria; unfortunately, outsiders do not have access to full data regarding the specific allocation of revenues. Therefore, members should simply exercise basic caution and keep an open eye out for any abnormally high rewards that are attained in excess of product / service revenue.
— — —
Given the current information about Club Asteria at this time, I will neither be recommending it or discouraging people from participating in it. I do not see any major red flags that would immediately condemn it as a dangerous scam. The full Club Asteria membership cost is relatively cheap, but the price vs value of the products / services members are urged to purchase remains in question.
Hopefully, we’ll hear some opinions from current Club Asteria members and other industry analysts. As more information is presented in the future, PSA hopes to provide additional updates and articles.

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda By Doug Casey, Chairman, Casey Research

A memo is now circulating that gold is in a bubble and that it's time for the wise investor to sell. To me, that's a ridiculous notion. Certainly a premature one.

As you listen to the current blather from talking heads about where gold is going, keep in mind most of them are just journalists, reporters that are parroting what they heard someone else say. And the "someone else" is usually a political apologist who works for a government. Or a hack economist who works for a bank, the IMF, or a similar institution with an interest in the status quo of the last few generations.

You should treat almost everything you hear about finance or economics in the popular media as no more than entertainment.

So let's take some recent statements, assertions, and opinions that have been promulgated in the media and analyze them. Many impress me as completely uninformed, even stupid. But since they're floating around in the infosphere, I suppose they need to be addressed.

"Gold is expensive."

This objection is worth considering – for any asset. In fact, it's critical. We can determine the price of almost anything fairly easily today, but figuring out its value is as hard as it's ever been. From the founding of the U.S. until 1933, the dollar was defined as 1/20th of an ounce of gold. From 1933 it was redefined as 1/35th of an ounce. After the 1971 dollar devaluation, the official price of the metal was raised to $42.22 – but that official number is meaningless, since nobody buys or sells the metal at that price.

(More importantly, people have gotten into the habit of giving the price of gold in dollars, rather than the value of the dollar in gold. But that's another subject.)

Here's the crux of the argument. Before the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, a $20 bill was just a receipt for the deposit of one ounce of gold with the Treasury. The U.S. official money supply equated more or less with the amount of gold.

Now, however, dollars are being created by the trillion, and nobody really knows how many more of them are going to be shazammed into existence. It is hard to determine the value of anything when the inch marks on your yardstick keep drifting closer and closer together.

"Gold is risky."

Risk is largely a function of price. And as a general rule, the higher the price, the higher the risk, simply because the supply is likely to go up and the demand to go down – leading to a lower price. So yes, gold is riskier now, at $1,400, than it was at $700 or at $200. But even when it was at $35, there was a well-known financial commentator named Eliot Janeway (I always thought he was a fool and a blowhard) who was crowing that if the U.S. government didn't support it at $35, it would fall to $8.

In any event, risk is relative. Stocks are very risky today. Bonds are ultra risky. Real estate is in an ongoing bear market. And the dollar is on its way to reaching its intrinsic value.

Yes, gold is risky at $1,400. But it is actually less risky than most alternatives.

"High gold prices will bring on huge new production, which will depress its price."

This assertion shows a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the gold market. Gold production is now about 82.6 million ounces per year and has been trending slightly down for the last decade. That's partly because at high prices, miners tend to mine lower-grade ore. And partly because the world has been extensively explored, and most large, high-grade, easily exploited resources have already been put into production.

But new production is trivial relative to the 6 billion ounces now above ground, which only increases by about 1.3% annually. Gold isn't consumed like wheat or even copper. Its supply keeps slowly rising, like wealth in general. What really controls gold's price is the desire of people to hold it, or hold other things – new production is a trivial influence.

That's not to say things can't change. The asteroids have lots of heavy metals, including gold. Space exploration will make them available. Gigantic amounts of gold are dissolved in seawater and will perhaps someday be economically recoverable with biotech. It's now possible to transmute metals, fulfilling the alchemists' dream. Perhaps someday this will be economic for gold. And nanotech may soon allow ultra-low-grade deposits of gold (and every other element) to be recovered profitably. But these things need not concern us as practical matters in the course of this bull market.

"Gold sentiment is at an all-time high."

Although gold prices are at an all-time high in nominal terms, they are still nowhere near their highs in real terms – of about $2,500 (depending on how much credibility you give the government's CPI numbers) – reached in 1980. Gold sentiment is still quite subdued among the public. Most of them barely know it even exists.

Some journalists like to point out that since there are a few (five, perhaps) gold dispensing machines in the world, including one in the U.S., there's a gold mania afoot. That's ridiculous, although it shows a slowly awakening interest among people with assets.

Journalists also point to the numerous ads on late-night TV offering to buy old gold jewelry (generally at around a 50% discount from its metal value) as a sign of a gold bubble. But this is even more ridiculous, since the ads are inducing the unsophisticated, cash-strapped booboisie to sell the metal, not buy it.

You'll know sentiment is at a high when major brokerage firms are hyping newly minted gold products, and Slime Magazine (if it still exists) has a cover showing a golden bull tearing apart the New York Stock Exchange. We're a long way from that point.


These are some of the more egregious arguments against gold that are being brought forward today. Most of them are propounded by knaves, fools, or the uninformed.

The bottom line is that gold and its friends are no longer cheap, but they have a long way – in both time and price – to run. Until they're done, I suggest you be right and sit tight.

Good investing,

Doug Casey

Monday, April 4, 2011

10 High-Impact Viral Marketing Strategies Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Viral Marketing is allowing people to giveaway and
use your free product or service in order to multiply
your marketing quickly over the internet. The idea
behind viral marketing is that you include your ad
with the freebie people giveaway or use. Below are
ten high impact viral marketing strategies:

1. Allow people to reprint your articles on their web
site, in their e-zine, newsletter, magazine or ebooks.
Include your resource box and the option for article
reprints at the bottom of each article.

2. Allow people to use any of your freebies as free
bonuses for products or services they sell. Include
your ad on all your freebies.

3. Allow people to use your online discussion board
for their own web site. Some people don't have one.
Just include your banner ad at the top of the board.

4. Allow people to sign up for a free web site on
your server. Since you are giving away the space,
require them to include your banner ad at the top
of the site.

5. Allow people to add their link to your free web
site directory. Just require that they return a link
back to your web site, advertising your directory.

6. Allow people to provide your free online service
to their web site, visitors, or e-zine subscribers.
They could be free e-mail, e-mail consulting, search
engine submissions, etc.

7. Allow people to give away your free software.
Just include your business advertisement inside the
software program.

8. Allow people to give away your free web design
graphics, fonts, templates, etc. Just include your ad
on them or require people to link directly to your
web site.

9. Allow people to place an advertisement in your
free ebook if, in exchange, they give away the
ebook to their web visitors or e-zine subscribers.

10. Allow people to give away your free ebook to
their visitors. Then, their visitors will also give it
away. This will just continue to spread your ad all
over the internet.

About Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy:
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Charles Hopson

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Investor Beware - Leverage Accounts MARCH 22, 2011

The Sun-Sentinel of Southern Florida reports that over the past 18 months, clients and creditors of 7 local precious metals businesses have claimed losses of more than $54 million!

How is it possible in this great 21st century gold and silver bull market, this many folks are losing that kind of capital?

Well the answer lies somewhere between investor ignorance, a lack of proper due diligence, poor silver and gold investment vehicle choices, investor greed, and perhaps electing and entrusting the wrong parties to do business with.

Today we would like to tackle one of the biggest silver and gold investor killers out there -> Leverage Accounts.

Over the years, leverage accounts have been responsible for transferring hundreds of millions of dollars of capital away from investors and into the pockets of dealers who offer levered financing for silver or gold speculation.

Simply put, when you introduce leverage… you introduce risk.

Leveraged investing is when you borrow money in order to invest. With a leveraged investment, you would invest a large sum up-front, then make regular payments to pay back the amount you borrowed, plus the interest. The potential advantage of the leveraged investment is that there is a larger amount earning returns over a longer period of time. If the return on your investment is greater than the principal borrowed plus the interest, your leveraged investment has outperformed a traditional investment.

Leverage generally enables the investor to own more of a stock or commodity without paying full price for it. The downside to it is, if your investment loses money, your losses are exponentially greater. In the case of leverage, you are going up against a mathematical formula plus compounding fees engineered to work against you.

Leveraged silver and gold accounts are pitched to investors based on their upside “potential”, the problem is the downside-devil in their detail. These types of accounts are typically designed to aggressively drive wealth away from investors when large short-term swings occur. If you don't know what you're doing (and many times even if you do), leverage can also magnify your losses to 100% and beyond!

The following excerpt is from the aforementioned report out of Southern Florida:

Little Regulation, Lots of Risk can Leave Gold Investors on Shaky Ground

– 3/19/2011

Customers are also told they can buy "on leverage" — meaning they can obtain financing so they can purchase more metal.

For example, a customer could put down $1,000 to buy $5,000 worth of gold. The financing comes from separate businesses called "clearing firms" or "clearing houses," that have pre-existing relationships with the precious metals firms.

Under such leveraged arrangements, if metal prices fall by a certain amount, clients are subject to a "margin call," meaning they must pony up more cash — or risk losing their money.

A Federal Trade Commission official testified before Congress last year that the agency has seen a rise in unscrupulous telemarketers pitching highly leveraged precious metals sales to consumers who don't understand how the deals work or the risks involved.

"The telemarketers charge hefty commissions and other fees that significantly reduce or completely eliminate the value of the consumers' initial investments," Lois Greisman, an associate director in the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, told the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Frank Widmann, director of securities for Florida's Office of Financial Regulation, told the Sun Sentinel that the volatility of this market can make it treacherous territory for inexperienced gold buyers.

"This is an area where it's real easy to mess with investors," he said.

In July 2010, Mike Maloney wrote the following in a article entitled - Beware of Fools Gold - Leverage:

When I first started accumulating gold and silver, I purchased a small quantity from a dealer. Naturally, when I was ready to purchase more, I went back to that same dealer. Over time, I developed a good relationship with that dealer, and I trusted him.

But as my purchases became larger, I decided to shop around to see if I could save some money. I called a dealer I saw on a TV ad, and, low and behold, his price was a couple percent less than my original, trusted dealer. While I was making my purchase from the new dealer, the salesman there convinced me that I could do a lot better with a margined account, where I could leverage my gold and silver at five to one.

Now I was no novice. I had used margin for quite some time and was already quite well informed regarding its asymmetrical leverage. So I didn't buy immediately; instead, I investigated the opportunity for a couple of days, then calculated the interest I'd be paying and the storage fees, determining exactly how much the metals would have to rise for my account to show a profit. Then I made my buy, but put more money down than I needed to, so that my equity would be much higher and my interest payments much smaller. With this position, my leverage would only be 3 to 1. This gave me a lot of headroom to accommodate the large price swings that silver is prone to, without getting a margin call… and the last thing I wanted was a margin call.

For more than a year I babysat my position, all the time readjusting my equity to approximately 33%, keeping my leverage at 3 to 1. Every time my equity would get over 50%, I would use some of the equity to buy more ounces and get my leverage back to 3 to 1, and I never got a margin call. I had stellar results, as silver moved up from the $4.40 area to a peak of $8.50. But then, in April of 2004, in just seven trading days, silver fell by the largest percentage of any month in over 20 years.

Two days after the silver price hit bottom, I got two letters from my dealer in the mail. The first letter I opened informed me the price drop had caused the equity in my account to fall below the margin call limits, and it gave me the opportunity to send in a payment to cover my margin call.

The second letter informed me that, due to recent price fluctuations, the equity in my account unfortunately had fallen below minimum required levels, causing the dealer to liquidate my position. Both of these letters were dated and postmarked on the same day—one offering me the opportunity to cover my position, the other telling me I had no position to cover.

Had I had the opportunity to cover, I would have done so in a heartbeat. You see, when you cover a margin call on precious metals, you are simply buying the extra ounces that your equity no longer covers. I knew, even back then, that silver was headed for the moon, and on the day my position was liquidated, I could have bought all those extra ounces for less than $6 each.

When I opened my account with the new dealer, the salesman assured me I would have 48 hours to cover any margin call. I guess he—like me—never ever read the fine print.

In the end, my attempt to save that couple of percent off the cost from my trusted dealer had cost me 100% of my investment.

About six months before writing this, a customer called me to buy some silver, and in our conversation I cautioned him against using leverage. He responded with a 20-minute story that was almost identical to mine. He called the same dealer to purchase silver and was sold a leveraged account. He, however, kept his leverage at 5 to 1. The story ended with him losing half a million dollars, with no opportunity to cover his margin call.

Then just a few days before writing this, a friend with whom I hadn't spoken with for quite some time told me that she had called the same dealer to buy silver and was talked into the same type of account. Like the customer above, she also had put down only the minimum amount required, so her leverage was 5 to 1. The first time the price fell, her position was liquidated, and she was never given the opportunity to cover.

I think I see a pattern here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

All About Coin Collecting: Grade Coins With Ease!

Coin collection is not just about having as many coins as possible. More important than the number of coins is the quality of those coins. This quality is measured by the coins’ grade and the grade is measured using a scale from zero to seventy (seventy being the highest point grade). Doctor William Shelby introduced this point scale in his work “Penny Whimsy”.

Here are the classifications of coins according to grade.

1. “Mint State” Coins

This is equivalent to a value of 60 to 70 in the Shelby’s grade scale. This means that the coin has no blemishes whatsoever. Most of the coins in this category are uncirculated, shiny, new coins, with absolutely no signs of wear.

2. “Almost Uncirculated” Coins

The “Almost Uncirculated” coins have a point grade of 50, 55, or 58.

It is very important to note that in these coins, coin collectors must know the locations of the high points in a particular coin. By checking the difference of the light reflected in the high points to the other parts of the coin, an “Almost Uncirculated” coin is separated from the Mint State coins.

3. “Fine Coins”

These can further be classified as” Extremely Fine” (40, 45), “Very Fine” (20, 25, 30, and 35) or “Fine” (12) depending on the sharpness of the remaining details on the coins. The coins are observed to have wear but the designs are still intact.

For “Extremely Fine” coins, the mint luster is still present.

“Very Fine” coins can be compared to coins which have been used for 1-3 years. Minor features of the coins are already gone.

4. “Good Coins”

These coins can be specifically defined as “Very Good” (12), “Good” and “Almost Good” coins.

The coins in this category are worn out. Only weak designs can be observed since the details of the coins in the high points are nearly smooth.

Full rims must be observed for the “Very Good” coins category.

In the case of “Good” coins, the mint mark and the date must be visible.

On the other hand, “Almost Good” coins are the most worn of coins in this category.

5. “Fair Coins”

The coins are “worn out”, but can still be distinguished as belonging to one of the types of coins - as long as one can identify a coin, it is a “Fair C”.

6. “Basal Coin”

These metals that can be determined to be coins - but the kind of coin are undeterminable.

With the classifications described, it will be very easy to grade coins. Just remember that knowledge of the coins’ grades gives coin collectors advantages!

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

Article compliments of skaDoogle

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Reasons I chose the Gold and Silver MLM, Numis Network, by Ray Higdon

10 Reasons I chose the Gold and Silver MLM, Numis Network gold and silver mlm.

If you follow my blog, you know that I don’t pitch my company very often, in fact, more often than not I have people ask me what company I am in as I focus on training people, not just pitching my business. I guess I have been asked this enough times that I am not writing this blog to reference from now on when people ask me this question.
What Attracted me to a Gold and Silver MLM?

I got into real estate a few years ago because it was hot and people were making a lot of money in it. I was actually first attracted to real estate because I loved the idea of not simply trading dollars for hours and buying rental properties for cashflow or passive income. Well, even though a partner and I bought 37 rental units our first year, we never saw major cashflow or passive income as the market turned flipping the rental income to the negative. Then I found network marketing. Network marketing offered the chance of residual income but without the huge risk or overhead of real estate. I fell in love with the industry. I started with a juice mlm but never really was that excited to promote a juice. After failing at about a dozen network marketing business opportunities, I was invite to check out Numis Network, a gold and silver MLM out of Tampa, Florida.

I immediately liked the idea of having a refreshing product but did not know the details of the types of products Numis Network carried. I could not tell you the difference between bullion (loose silver or gold coins) and bouillon (for soup). I also didn’t know any coin collectors. However, I saw that we are in an economy where a gold and silver MLM could do very well and it was simply refreshing. It was not a “me-too” company like a health and wellness so I jumped in. Little did I know that this gold and silver MLM was going to provide the type of residual and passive income I had always dreamed about.
10 Reasons I chose a Gold and Silver MLM

10. It was a product that I would never be upset about having a garage full of.

9. The compensation plan was better than any I had ever seen, my first company I was screwed as they only paid me on the pay leg, this one pays big bonuses on your entire team.

8. Talking to anyone, of any income level or net worth about a gold and silver MLM is pretty easy.

7. It was a product that was and still is red hot. The higher end channels tell you to buy more and the lower end channels want to buy it from you.

6. It was the only MLM product that has historically increased in value.

5. This gold and silver MLM just announced a 5 year buyback guarantee. Meaning, if you purchase your coins each month and only want 100% back of what you paid for them, you can sell them back to the company.

4. The company is ran by three guys that each have over 20 years experience, not in business, but in the business of network marketing. This is very important as most companies that have shut down, voluntarily or involuntarily, have been started or bought by people who did NOT have a network marketing background.

3. They have awesome incentives and trips. My first year in the business I won trips to Bahamas, St Kitts, Atlantis and three cruises.

2. The worst case scenario with this gold and silver MLM is you get an asset each month that has historically increased in value. And now, after 5 years, if you don’t want your asset, you can sell it back to the company for 100% of what you paid for it!

1. It is the easiest product I have ever marketed online. Most companies are strict on how they market online or what you can say and this product is something that you don’t have to taste, smell, see if it agrees with your tummy or get your doctor sign off on. And, the company embraces the use of the Internet for promotion!

If you are interested in learning more about Numis Network please contact me.

Charles Hopson
609-706-5503 cell
skype: cphopson

Walking Liberty Half-Dollar and the Silver American Eagle

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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret and The Power 


From The Secret Daily Teachings

Whatever the financial situation you are currently in,
it is one that you have brought into reality through
your thoughts. If it is not what you want, then you
have created it unconsciously, but still you created it.
When you can see this you will understand how
powerful you are at creating. And now all you have
to do is create what you want, consciously!

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret and The Power 


From The Secret Daily Teachings

If you want to attract a better job or
anything better than what you currently have,
it is important to understand how the law of
attraction works.

You know that to bring in something
better you must imagine what that better
thing looks like in your mind, and then
live in that picture as though it is here now.
But you should also know that if you
complain about your current job, for
example, and continue to focus on all the
negative things, you will never bring the
better job to you.
You must look for the things to be grateful
for in your current job. Each thing you
find to be grateful for is helping to
bring that better job to you.
That is really working the law!
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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From The Secret Daily Teachings

Criticism can be very subtle in the way it
creeps into our thoughts. Here are some
examples of criticism to help you become
aware of its subtlety, so you can
eliminate it from your thoughts:

The weather is awful today.

The traffic is terrible.

The service is really bad.

Oh no, look at the line.

He/she is always late.

How long do we have to wait for our order?

That motorist is a lunatic.

It's so hot in here.

I've been on hold for so long!

These are subtle things, but the law of
attraction is listening to them all.
You have the ability to appreciate
something in every single circumstance.
There is always something to be
grateful for.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret... bringing joy to billions

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Once again, Numis Network is making history!

Introducing Numis Network’s Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee.
5 year 100% buy back guarantee

The Industry's BEST and ONLY Buy Back Guarantee:
Numis Network guarantees to buy back any coin purchased through our Silver Coin
of the Month Club, in 5 years, for 100% of the original purchase price!

The announcement of this historic guarantee is powerful in what it can do for your business... and your income!

The Numis Network Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee eliminates most common concerns such as:

  • "Let me check it out with a coin dealer."
  • "Let me see what it's selling for online."

  • "How do I know if these coins are valuable?"
  • "Where do I sell my coins?"

With this iron-clad guarantee, none of those issues are relevant any longer.

This historic announcement is also great news for your recruiting efforts. Let’s face it, this incinerates the biggest reason someone might not join your business, or the Silver Coin of the Month Club.

The 100% Buy Back Guarantee is also tremendously beneficial for retention of your customers. Once people realize that they can’t lose, many will continue to stay on the Silver Coin of the Month Club.

This is has never been done before!
Don’t mistake Numis Network’s Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee for some ordinary, plain vanilla money back guarantee. It’s so much more!

Think about it.
Do you know of any other product (or collectible) that you can own, enjoy, use, and display for 5 full years… and then return it to the merchant for 100% of the original purchase price?

Click the Buy Back Guarantee logo on the homepage of your website
for all the details about this revolutionary offer.

Numis network

Monday, February 28, 2011

Coin Buying Tips

Set a limit and stick to it

- It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding a coin (or two) you’ve been looking for and spending more than you should. If you set a limit on how much you’re going to spend before going to a coin show or into a coin shop it’ll be easier to stay within your budget.

Don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose. Nothing is guaranteed to go up in value.

Look for coins graded by a major grading service

- There’s lots of grading services but not all of them are reputable. Become familiar with the major services and stick with them.

Buy from established dealers or shops

- You wouldn’t buy stocks from just anyone and you shouldn’t buy coins from just anyone either. At least not unless you’re a long time expert. Buying from reputable dealers or shops gives you the ability to return the coin if you decide you’re not happy with it.

If it sounds too good to be true

- Yep, it probably is. Nobody’s giving coins away, so that unbelievably cheap coin is probably just that-cheap.

Major coin shows can be a great place to find both a large selection and a large variety. The dealers come from all over the country and they’re very knowledgeable. And they’re usually quite willing to share their knowledge.

Buy a good book on coin grading, then you can learn about the grading for the coins you’re interested in before you buy them.

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

Article compliments of skaDoogle

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Numis Network Announces They Will Buy Back Your Autoship at 100% for 5 Years

Numis Network Announces They Will
Buy Back Your Autoship at 100% for 5 Years

Numis Network, a gold and silver mlm based out of Tampa, Florida, has lost their mind. Last night, at the Bally’s hotel in Las Vegas, they announced something that has NEVER been done before in the homebased business arena. In fact, it is probably something that will never be done by anyone else. Numis Network announced that any coin you receive through the coin of the month autoship, they offer a 100% buyback guarantee for 5 years. What does that actually mean?
Numis Network Is The Lowest Risk MLM in History

What is the biggest fear most network marketers face when joining a network marketing company? I believe it is to get stuck with a garage full of product that they cannot do anything with that their spouse points out daily reminding them of their non-success and the wonderful statement of “I told ya so”. Now, Numis Network is the ONLY company in the network marketing arena where that can actually never, ever happen as the company is now offering a 100% money back guarantee on any autoship silver coin of the month for up to 5 years. Here are some objections that Numis Network reps no longer face:

Q. How can I sell the coins?
A: You can always get 100% of your money back for 5 years by selling to the company

Q: How much will these coins be worth in 5 years?
A: You can always get 100% of your money back for 5 years by selling to the company

Q: What if gold and silver decrease in value?
A: You can always get 100% of your money back for 5 years by selling to the company
Numis Network vs Bullion

A common objection Numis Network reps face is that some prefer to buy bullion as an investment. They say that if the economy worsens, bullion will hold it’s value and numismatic coins will not. That has not been true historically but let’s take a deeper look at that. There is a certain financial guy out there, I won’t say his name but it rhymes with Bike Baloney. Mr. Baloney is a middle man for gold and silver and is a reseller of gold and silver. That explains why his prices on gold and silver bullion are about the highest in the industry but he has done a great job of promoting and marketing and so a lot of people do make purchases with him. Yesterday his price on silver eagle bullion coins was over $38 (my three sources were $36) and his buyback guarantee was $33. That $5 spread is the largest spread in bullion I have ever seen with any company as most are $1-$2 but it makes sense as he is a reseller and has to have that type of spread. Numis Network is offering a buyback of 100% for up to 5 years versus make $5 out of of a $38 purchase the same day. Pretty darn cool. Oh yeah, there is no way to make an income with the simple purchase of bullion. My recommendation: Build Numis Network and then use some of your commissions to buy bullion (from a better priced place than Mr. Baloney of course).
Numis Network Vs. The Others

Are you spending money on something that you really would prefer not to have a garage full of? When you are talking to new prospects for your business, can you tell them that the worst case scenario is they get to sell their product back to the company and get their money back?

Whether you like numismatic coins or not, isn’t it pretty darn amazing to have this sort of guarantee in place that the owners put their money where their mouth is? Now, some of you might think, well Ray, with gold and silver doing what it is doing, that is pretty low risk for the company…well, doesn’t that mean it is always very low risk for anyone that joins Numis Network? Game on!

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

Friday, February 11, 2011

Software For Coin Collecting: The Smarter Way To Collect Coins

It is a common coin collecting problem: too many coins, not enough information on what kinds of coins to collect, or a disorganized group of collectibles.

The solution?

There are programs that are especially created for computer use, commonly known as software. Coin collecting software packages are created by professionals to help those who are having a hard time organizing and tracking their coin collections.

These systems keep classifying, organizing, and cataloging coins at your fingertips while trying to find other coins that a collector might want to add to his personal collection.

Other advantages of these software packages for coin collecting are:

1. Organizer buddy

It is a coin collector’s best friend. Coin collecting software packages are exclusively created to help the hobbyist organize, manage, and track their coins fast and without difficulty. With almost 300 billion coins that were manufactured by the U.S. Mint alone, who could sort through all of these coins to find the ones they would like to own?

2. Statistical reports provider

With these coin collecting software programs the collector to easily record statistical reports about coin collecting for quick references in the future.

3. Provides numerous ways to interpret, view, and access coin collecting data

With software packages, every coin collector can easily view his data in many ways. He can either choose to view the data in tabular form or in virtual form or can modify these tables and generate reports with just one click.

4. Provides easy-to-use templates

Coin collecting software packages are perfect even for the “newbies” in information technology. This is because there are templates that are available at any time for the recording and organization of data. The collector can then just enter the data he needs to log without having to use complicated formulas.

5. Saves more time

With these software packages, the coin collector will be able to save time organizing his coin records, leaving ample time for other activities. This means spending less time organizing and managing coins and more time for enjoying the hobby.

The tedious job of keeping a systematic record is sometimes the main reason some coin collectors give up the hobby, and why employing such tools will make coin collecting more enjoyable.

Using computer technology is the better way to make coin collecting easier.

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

Article compliments of skaDoogle

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nice Try Numis Network, I prefer Bullion! Company: Numis Network Posted by Ray Higdon on Feb 1, 2011 8:43 am

All The Financially Savvy Network Marketers Laughed When They Heard They Were COLLECTIBLE COINS

Buying collectible coins in the type of financial Armageddon we are in sounds insane, doesn't it? I mean seriously, wouldn't it make a whole lot more sense to just buy bullion and capitalize on the movement of precious metal prices as this economy goes down the tubes? If people are shooting at each other for canned goods and supplies, wouldn't you rather have something you can barter with?

bullion vs collectible coinsAs always, the devil is in the details

Numis Network is a gold and silver COLLECTIBLE coin network marketing company. They promote graded government issued gold and silver coins. They do not even sell bullion. The biggest question I had was, would you ever want to buy collectible coins in this financial apocalypse? The answer is, it depends.

An Interesting Question…

What would you rather have? A residual income that comes in monthly, Or speculate on a capital gain? With bullion you CANNOT legally make a residual income. Many companies, since the 1980’s have tried to do bullion in an MLM, it has failed 100% of the time. So, if you want to know if you should buy bullion or look at Numis Network, here is how you can tell:

- If you have plenty of money to last you the rest of your days and/or you do not feel like adding another stream of income, you are probably fine simply buying bullion. I also want to say congrats to you for being this financially stable, not too many people are in this category.

- If you are more like me, still have a few bills to pay and put food on the table and actually like the idea of making an income, you might consider Numis Network

But Ray, I can make money doing other things in mlm!

OK, I gotcha, however, let’s assume you DO believe that the world is getting worse off than better and the strength of the US dollar is getting worse, not better. Even though you proudly prefer bullion over collectible coins (like I do), what would you rather have and do in an apocalyptical society?

- Have a garage full of antioxidants and continue to attempt to sell premium priced juices, bars and shakes in a society that is storing up for canned goods? Or, have collected graded gold and silver assets that will always have a value?

- Be promoting a technology product (that gets cheaper everyday or is now free) or have more gold and silver assets that have appreciated in value while the economy tanked?

- Have spent all your cash to simply invest in bullion versus spend money from a residual income you have created to buy bullion?

One of the reasons I do Numis Network is we have the ONLY mlm product you would want in a crushed economy. As you see the price of gold and silver continue to soar, more and more people will gain interest and Numis has the ONLY legal way to create a residual income with gold and silver. People ask me what Numis Network will do if silver goes to $1,000 an ounce. The answer is, I might sell some of my coins. Might I bust my graded coin out of its package to buy an acre of real estate? Perhaps. Try doing that with any other product in MLM.

Agree with me or think I am WAY off base? Tell me your thoughts quickly at the bottom of this post!

Ray Higdon

PS: DId you know if you had bought collectible coins vs bullion the last 20 years you would have actually made more money?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Finding Rare And Collectible Coins

Coin Collecting was started only as a Hobby for most people, however you can hear what other people say (or you probably have heard yourself) about news of people cashing in on their old coin; and that encouraged more people to go on a coin-collecting streak. If you are one of those people who want to invest in Coins, here are several places to start your Collection.

Coin Shops:

Many shop owners are dealers that know a lot of information about coins and are selling coins too. These coin shops are a valuable place to find and gain more information about coins and coin collecting. These coin shops can be costly, though, as they are anticipating selling their coins for a profit. With enough knowledge and/or having someone who know a great deal about coin collecting at your side, you can get great prices for your coins.

Coin Shows:

There are times when your local mall will have an exhibit from several coin dealers and that will let you see all of the collections and allow you to buy some coins for a lower price due to the competition. You will probably also see several new coins that are available and suitable for your collection.

These coins shows are great not only for sellers and buyers but also for coin enthusiasts who want to see rare and hard to find coins.

Mail Orders/Web Sites:

There are thousands of dealers worldwide and most of them have websites that allow buy coins and pay for them through mail order or through any online payment system such as Paypal. You should do your research on these companies and read their terms carefully to make sure that you can get your money back when you have a problem with the coin you purchased and/or received.

For every legitimate web site, there are may be hundreds of fake web sites that are just attempting to get your money. You should always ask for feedback from previous customers before paying anybody online and remember not to give out any password or pin numbers.

Flea Markets:

It would be surprising place to find rare coins at a flea market, but stranger things have happened. These places have different ideas about pricing which is due to their lack of understanding of how a coin should be priced. You will find overpriced coins but if you are lucky you might find a rare coin somewhere in those stacks of coins that will make it worth your while.

Flea markets sellers are usually looking for a quick sell and would probably give you discounts when you buy their items in bulk. Try to buy other items and get your coins added as a bonus.


If you are looking to invest in really, really rare coins, the best place to go would be an auction. Auctions are the only place where you can find people selling their rarest and most expensive coins. Several of these auctions are happening online at the same time and most of the sellers are looking for the highest bidders. You must be aware and warned that some of these sellers are frauds and will not make the price you pay worthwhile. You should try to learn more about these coins and their worth before trying to buy one from an online auction.

Other Coin Collectors:

Coin collectors usually have duplicate coins that they are willing to sell for a price lower than its market value. The only problem is it is hard to find another coin collector that collects the same coins as you. The best places to look are online groups, forums and (if you have one) local groups.

Other coin collectors are the best people to turn into when you want to start your own collection. They can offer you tips, discounts and some might even be tempted to give you some of their coins to kick-start your collection.

Coin collecting is like any other investment the value will fluctuate: they may depreciate in value and/or gain value at any time. The best way to profit in coin collecting is keep updated with the news and the prices of the coins. This will not only help you in not being fooled by merchants but by learning how to price a coin even without a price list.

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

Article compliments of skaDoogle

How To Take Care Of Collectible Coins

There are collectors that specifically find classic editions of coins that existed during the period from 1892 to 1954. These coins have marked events or may signify the work of royalty during that period. There are those collectors that prefer the modern series that are very distinct as well. One modern collection is that of the quarter dollars that represent the 50 states of the US. Minting and circulation started in 1999 and will continue until 2008. These are specially made editions available for collectors.

Many collectible coins are made of copper and a collector may encounter problems in maintaining their features and appearance. A person collecting this type of coin should learn how to maintain and take proper care of these expensive collections. Copper coins should be cleaned correctly and must be preserved the same way professional collectors treat their coins.

Professional collectors clean their coins by the process of placing the coins in a container that is airtight. This is a safe way to preserve the features of the coins. Because of the coins’ years of circulation, there is the possibility of a coin accumulating encrustations, coatings, dirt, and other problems on a coin’s face. These accumulations may cause pitting and corrosion to the surface of the copper coin. The corroded portions should be removed properly without making any scratches.

There are products available that are made especially for coin cleaning. Coin suppliers have these products that are specifically made for coin maintenance and cleaning in stock. One product made for this purpose is MS70 which removes corrosion and other surface dirt. It is advisable to use rubber gloves for the protection of your hands, as MS70 can dry the skin but this should be of little concern because it is not that harsh on the skin. A soft toothbrush may help with cleaning and removing any dirt that is in the surface of the coin. Improvement in the appearance of the coin will be seen after it has been soaked and cleaned. If satisfaction is not met on the cleanliness and appearance of the coin, he may add baking soda to neutralize the MS70 and soak it in warm water.

After he is through with the soaking, he may dry the coin using a Blue Ribbon coin cleaner and preservative; he may apply a coat and dry it for a couple of days then wipe the damp parts with soft cotton balls and place it on a small cardboard with a space on the center.

If he finds discoloring on the coin, he may use Dellars Darkener after he has soaked it in MS70. He may use this product before he applies the Blue Ribbon cleaner and preservative until he is satisfied with the cleanliness of his coin. Once satisfied with the new appearance of the coin, he may again return it to its set or collection . The next step would be maintenance and preservation the collection. Here are some tips on how to take care of coin collections:

1. The coin should be protected from exposure to any kind of elements. It is also important not to scratch the coins; they should be handled with care to avoid scratches on the surface of the coins.

2. It is safe to store the coins in plastic cases or pockets that are made specifically for coin collections and sets. These cases and pockets can protect the coins from dirt and scratches.

3. Coins should be cleaned properly using vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia or rubbing alcohol.

4. If there is unwanted dirt that is hard to remove on the surface, chemical products for cleaning like Tarnex may be used. This option may be used if vinegar and lemon juice were not able to remove the dirt.

5. It is very important to remember that the value of the coin may depreciate if the coin has been cleaned. It is recommended to seek the advice of an expert on other ways of preserving a coin

Many coin collectors believe that a person should never ever clean their collection because they believe that any product that is applied to the coin will affect the surface. A person should know how to preserve their collection and avoid dirt from touching the coins.

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jump Start Your Homebased Business with These 4 Little Projects #1 by Ray Higdon

So you are tired of hearing that is takes discipline and a daily attack to build your homebased business right? OK, let’s liven things up and give you a fun project to do to break up the monotony. This blog is going to cover project #1, I will cover 2-4 in future blogs if there is interest =) (Hint: Share and comment if you like)

Preface: The main criteria for all four projects is you HAVE to have fun with them. These are NOT that serious and you should NOT stress yourself out over them, those of us that have a profitable homebased business know we have a better way but we don’t have to get upset if someone disagrees.
Homebased Business Jump Start Project #1 – The Negs

Even though it is popular to say not to contact your friends and family, I am going to give you a reason to do just that. First of all, just so you know, if you are afraid to contact them it only means one of two things, either you were trained wrong, or you don’t really believe in what you have to offer in your homebased business. Either way, fix it and get over it.

Make your list. Make your list of people that you know, that like to attend events, that like to read, that have been affected by the economy or that might want to make more money. Then I want you to single out the 20 most negative people on that list. The people that you know that think EVERYTHING including EVERY homebased business is a scam. The people that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, will tell you No Way! Then, call them first. Have fun with it. Here is the script to use:

Hey Negative Nellie (insert their name here), listen, I don’t have a lot of time but I am just gonna throw it out there and ask if you would be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

If they respond with the following, “No”, “No Thanks”, “Is it some scheme” or something along those lines, Say “Cool, thanks, just making sure it was not for you, OK, I gotta go! Talk to you later” and hang up.

If they respond, “What is it”, “Maybe” or something like “Yes”, say this “Well, I want to be very clear and tell you that this probably is NOT up your alley and you won’t be interested but it is a network marketing company that I am building as a homebased business and IF you have an interest, I can send you a video about the business that you can check out. If you do have an interest, which, quite frankly would surprise me, we can talk further”

If they then respond with “Sounds like one of those Amway things”, “Is it a pyramid”, “Is Bernie Madoff running it from prison”, then chuckle (let them hear you chuckle) and respond with “Cool, thanks, just making sure it was not for you, OK, I gotta go! Talk to you later” and hang up.
Why the heck would I have you do this for your homebased business?

Because you will see that it is not that bad. If you can have fun with contacting the WORST skeptics you know, perhaps that will break your fear and your way too serious approach when you talk to others about your homebased business. By the way, every person I have ever had do this, has sponsored at least one person from this exercise :)

Stay tuned for the next 3 homebased business projects to make your business more fun!

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To Your Abundance!

Ray Higdon