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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Numis Network Review: Are The Numis Coins And Numis Executive Success System Overpriced Posted by Troy on April 14, 2010

Numis Network has taken the direct selling industry by storm over the last few months has three very well respected leaders Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian came together to launch a new category in MLM.

In this article I want to cover two common concerns we have seen coming up over and over again…

Numis Network coins are overpriced, and Numis Network Fast Track Starter Kit is overpriced.

It took close to nine hours of research to see if these concerns were valid or not.

Let’s take a look at the Numis coins. Without a doubt people can find coins for less and for more depending on where they look.

However, one of the largest competitors of Numis Network First Federal is now advertising two of the same coins for more money.

The $5 Gold Eagle is selling on sale at 1st Federal Coin for $299.00 .vs the same $5 Gold Eagle at Shop Numis for $239.95. This is a $60.00 savings at Numis Network and they are paying out a commission.

The second coin is the MS70 $1 Silver Eagle advertised by First Federal Coin Corporation for $149.00, while the same coin is sold at Shop Numis retail for $119.95. This is a $30.00 dollar savings, and again Numis is paying a commission.

Yes, I know the coins can be bought for less at eBay or some other site. But, of course I bet if I wanted to dig a little deeper, I could also find every other product or service solid through a direct selling aka Network Marketing company at a cheaper prices also.

But ask yourself this question – Are you selling your current MLM product or service based on price, or are you selling a life changing business opportunity?

What’s the difference between what you are doing and what Numis Network is doing?

Now before I get into the Numis Executive Success System, I want to give you a taste of what first time Network Marketing distributors are saying about their first experience in the MLM profession.

Ok, now let’s look at the second concern folks have raised on the $495.00 fee charged to join Numis Network at the top level. Is this amount an inflated fee or are the products and services provided within the Numis Fast Track Starter Kit worth the cost?

Well, the reality is, some folks will think this is far to much to pay to join any MLM business, while others will see this are a very small fee for joining a category creating company with a ground floor opportunity.

Here is what I have concluded…

The same kit sells all day long at Shop Numis for $325.00. So if we add in the additional business services provided to the Numis Network distributors, I believe it is a very fair price point. However, I do understand that certain services such as the training videos and the websites may be seen by different people as priceless while others will see them as worthless.

Ok, here is my breakdown.

Aluminum Attache’ Coin Case – Value – $ 65.00 (I found prices from $65 to $79 dollars on the web)
MS70 Silver Eagle – Value – $100.00 (Retail cost is $119.00 on Shop Numis)
Leather Numis Portfolio – Value – $50.00 (I found this same style of portfolio on the net from $50.00 to over $75.00)
Numis 5 Distributors Websites – Value – $125.00 (This is a one time fee, with a monthly fee of $9.95)
Coins Are Cool Training – Value – $125.00 (I priced this at $25 per video and Numis adds one video per month)

Although, I can’t announce it here, Numis will also be adding a very power addition to this Fast Start Kit in the next month or so, which will increase the retail value by at least another $100.00.

So, when you look at the above total fair market value (my subjective deduction) then the total is $465.00. By the way this also includes shipping and handling fees.

Some reading this may feel that since Ian and Chris own IDSTC that Numis must have a special deal and the technology isn’t costing them anything. This is not true. International Direct Selling Technology Corporation is a completely different company, and Numis Network has signed a client agreement just like all other clients of ISDTC.

I called Ian today to ask him what it would cost for the average Network Marketing company would pay for the same type of technology services Numis is paying for from ISDTC, and here is an average cost…

$40K to $50 for the original development costs.
$7.00 per month per distributor

The media costs would depend on how detailed the videos become, but overall Ian Cordell figured by this stage of the development, and size of the company the average client the size of Numis Network will have invested between $140,000 and $150,000 dollars just in technology costs.

So although some will not agree with this article, I can say with complete conviction that if I were collecting coins as a hobby, and found Numis Network, and knew I could turn my hobby into a business for a small upfront cost of $495.00, then hands down I would pay the fee.

Just the first years tax advantages would offset the $495.00 for the Numis Executive Success System.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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