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Friday, January 28, 2011

Finding Rare And Collectible Coins

Coin Collecting was started only as a Hobby for most people, however you can hear what other people say (or you probably have heard yourself) about news of people cashing in on their old coin; and that encouraged more people to go on a coin-collecting streak. If you are one of those people who want to invest in Coins, here are several places to start your Collection.

Coin Shops:

Many shop owners are dealers that know a lot of information about coins and are selling coins too. These coin shops are a valuable place to find and gain more information about coins and coin collecting. These coin shops can be costly, though, as they are anticipating selling their coins for a profit. With enough knowledge and/or having someone who know a great deal about coin collecting at your side, you can get great prices for your coins.

Coin Shows:

There are times when your local mall will have an exhibit from several coin dealers and that will let you see all of the collections and allow you to buy some coins for a lower price due to the competition. You will probably also see several new coins that are available and suitable for your collection.

These coins shows are great not only for sellers and buyers but also for coin enthusiasts who want to see rare and hard to find coins.

Mail Orders/Web Sites:

There are thousands of dealers worldwide and most of them have websites that allow buy coins and pay for them through mail order or through any online payment system such as Paypal. You should do your research on these companies and read their terms carefully to make sure that you can get your money back when you have a problem with the coin you purchased and/or received.

For every legitimate web site, there are may be hundreds of fake web sites that are just attempting to get your money. You should always ask for feedback from previous customers before paying anybody online and remember not to give out any password or pin numbers.

Flea Markets:

It would be surprising place to find rare coins at a flea market, but stranger things have happened. These places have different ideas about pricing which is due to their lack of understanding of how a coin should be priced. You will find overpriced coins but if you are lucky you might find a rare coin somewhere in those stacks of coins that will make it worth your while.

Flea markets sellers are usually looking for a quick sell and would probably give you discounts when you buy their items in bulk. Try to buy other items and get your coins added as a bonus.


If you are looking to invest in really, really rare coins, the best place to go would be an auction. Auctions are the only place where you can find people selling their rarest and most expensive coins. Several of these auctions are happening online at the same time and most of the sellers are looking for the highest bidders. You must be aware and warned that some of these sellers are frauds and will not make the price you pay worthwhile. You should try to learn more about these coins and their worth before trying to buy one from an online auction.

Other Coin Collectors:

Coin collectors usually have duplicate coins that they are willing to sell for a price lower than its market value. The only problem is it is hard to find another coin collector that collects the same coins as you. The best places to look are online groups, forums and (if you have one) local groups.

Other coin collectors are the best people to turn into when you want to start your own collection. They can offer you tips, discounts and some might even be tempted to give you some of their coins to kick-start your collection.

Coin collecting is like any other investment the value will fluctuate: they may depreciate in value and/or gain value at any time. The best way to profit in coin collecting is keep updated with the news and the prices of the coins. This will not only help you in not being fooled by merchants but by learning how to price a coin even without a price list.

Charles Hopson
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How To Take Care Of Collectible Coins

There are collectors that specifically find classic editions of coins that existed during the period from 1892 to 1954. These coins have marked events or may signify the work of royalty during that period. There are those collectors that prefer the modern series that are very distinct as well. One modern collection is that of the quarter dollars that represent the 50 states of the US. Minting and circulation started in 1999 and will continue until 2008. These are specially made editions available for collectors.

Many collectible coins are made of copper and a collector may encounter problems in maintaining their features and appearance. A person collecting this type of coin should learn how to maintain and take proper care of these expensive collections. Copper coins should be cleaned correctly and must be preserved the same way professional collectors treat their coins.

Professional collectors clean their coins by the process of placing the coins in a container that is airtight. This is a safe way to preserve the features of the coins. Because of the coins’ years of circulation, there is the possibility of a coin accumulating encrustations, coatings, dirt, and other problems on a coin’s face. These accumulations may cause pitting and corrosion to the surface of the copper coin. The corroded portions should be removed properly without making any scratches.

There are products available that are made especially for coin cleaning. Coin suppliers have these products that are specifically made for coin maintenance and cleaning in stock. One product made for this purpose is MS70 which removes corrosion and other surface dirt. It is advisable to use rubber gloves for the protection of your hands, as MS70 can dry the skin but this should be of little concern because it is not that harsh on the skin. A soft toothbrush may help with cleaning and removing any dirt that is in the surface of the coin. Improvement in the appearance of the coin will be seen after it has been soaked and cleaned. If satisfaction is not met on the cleanliness and appearance of the coin, he may add baking soda to neutralize the MS70 and soak it in warm water.

After he is through with the soaking, he may dry the coin using a Blue Ribbon coin cleaner and preservative; he may apply a coat and dry it for a couple of days then wipe the damp parts with soft cotton balls and place it on a small cardboard with a space on the center.

If he finds discoloring on the coin, he may use Dellars Darkener after he has soaked it in MS70. He may use this product before he applies the Blue Ribbon cleaner and preservative until he is satisfied with the cleanliness of his coin. Once satisfied with the new appearance of the coin, he may again return it to its set or collection . The next step would be maintenance and preservation the collection. Here are some tips on how to take care of coin collections:

1. The coin should be protected from exposure to any kind of elements. It is also important not to scratch the coins; they should be handled with care to avoid scratches on the surface of the coins.

2. It is safe to store the coins in plastic cases or pockets that are made specifically for coin collections and sets. These cases and pockets can protect the coins from dirt and scratches.

3. Coins should be cleaned properly using vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia or rubbing alcohol.

4. If there is unwanted dirt that is hard to remove on the surface, chemical products for cleaning like Tarnex may be used. This option may be used if vinegar and lemon juice were not able to remove the dirt.

5. It is very important to remember that the value of the coin may depreciate if the coin has been cleaned. It is recommended to seek the advice of an expert on other ways of preserving a coin

Many coin collectors believe that a person should never ever clean their collection because they believe that any product that is applied to the coin will affect the surface. A person should know how to preserve their collection and avoid dirt from touching the coins.

Charles Hopson
skype: cphopson

Article compliments of skaDoogle

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jump Start Your Homebased Business with These 4 Little Projects #1 by Ray Higdon

So you are tired of hearing that is takes discipline and a daily attack to build your homebased business right? OK, let’s liven things up and give you a fun project to do to break up the monotony. This blog is going to cover project #1, I will cover 2-4 in future blogs if there is interest =) (Hint: Share and comment if you like)

Preface: The main criteria for all four projects is you HAVE to have fun with them. These are NOT that serious and you should NOT stress yourself out over them, those of us that have a profitable homebased business know we have a better way but we don’t have to get upset if someone disagrees.
Homebased Business Jump Start Project #1 – The Negs

Even though it is popular to say not to contact your friends and family, I am going to give you a reason to do just that. First of all, just so you know, if you are afraid to contact them it only means one of two things, either you were trained wrong, or you don’t really believe in what you have to offer in your homebased business. Either way, fix it and get over it.

Make your list. Make your list of people that you know, that like to attend events, that like to read, that have been affected by the economy or that might want to make more money. Then I want you to single out the 20 most negative people on that list. The people that you know that think EVERYTHING including EVERY homebased business is a scam. The people that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, will tell you No Way! Then, call them first. Have fun with it. Here is the script to use:

Hey Negative Nellie (insert their name here), listen, I don’t have a lot of time but I am just gonna throw it out there and ask if you would be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

If they respond with the following, “No”, “No Thanks”, “Is it some scheme” or something along those lines, Say “Cool, thanks, just making sure it was not for you, OK, I gotta go! Talk to you later” and hang up.

If they respond, “What is it”, “Maybe” or something like “Yes”, say this “Well, I want to be very clear and tell you that this probably is NOT up your alley and you won’t be interested but it is a network marketing company that I am building as a homebased business and IF you have an interest, I can send you a video about the business that you can check out. If you do have an interest, which, quite frankly would surprise me, we can talk further”

If they then respond with “Sounds like one of those Amway things”, “Is it a pyramid”, “Is Bernie Madoff running it from prison”, then chuckle (let them hear you chuckle) and respond with “Cool, thanks, just making sure it was not for you, OK, I gotta go! Talk to you later” and hang up.
Why the heck would I have you do this for your homebased business?

Because you will see that it is not that bad. If you can have fun with contacting the WORST skeptics you know, perhaps that will break your fear and your way too serious approach when you talk to others about your homebased business. By the way, every person I have ever had do this, has sponsored at least one person from this exercise :)

Stay tuned for the next 3 homebased business projects to make your business more fun!

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To Your Abundance!

Ray Higdon