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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clearing Up Some Networking and Greenwin Network Issues by My Greenwin Network

As with any network marketing, Greenwin Network is getting its fair share of ridiculous objections from people. It always tickles me the way people that are not interested cannot just say “no”, they have to come up with some reason.
Breaking The Objection Code

1. “It is a pyramid scheme”. This is really funny because they never actually know what a pyramid scheme is. What they are really trying to say is that they don’t trust you and you are an idiot when, in fact, they don’t have the foggiest clue what they are talking about. The best response to them is… @#$% off!
2. “I want to see if my friends will join before I do”. Walk away from these people and never mention it to them again. They don’t have a business mind and don’t deserve to have opportunities shared with them.
3. “How much are you earning”? Well actually that has nothing to do with you, but what makes you think that my earnings have any bearing on you anyway. The fact that you asked that question means that there is no way you will be able to replicate my success. Just shake your head and walk away.
4. “I don’t have time”. And you never will. What you are actually being told it that “I don’t have faith in myself” or “I fear failure so I’m not even going to try”. Reconsider your friendship with these ones unless, they are already involved in something and trying to focus their efforts.
5. “I can’t afford it”. This is a valid objection if there is a cash outlay required. But most people will rather use one of the previous objections than admit to being broke. Unfortunately, when they do use it and you tell them it will cost them nothing, the previously mentioned objections tend to follow.

Is Your Prospect A Real Prospect

What you have to remember is that only a small percentage of the world population have an entrepreneurial spirit, the rest are merely consumers. That’s okay, there is not enough space for everyone to be a business owner anyway.

This does not mean that the consumers cannot be beneficial to your business or slowly change into business owners with the right guidance. The major problem that people in network marketing and particularly Greenwin Network are facing is the stigma attached to networking and the fear of change (or something new).

This is a delicate area and requires knowing something about how people think about and perceive YOU. Yes, this is all about you. How you find your prospects, how you approach them, the objections that you get and how you handle them.

In most cases you need to get to know a person before you start promoting your business to them but more importantly they need to know you. You will get people to join you by advertising. Those people will most likely be business minded and see the opportunity without knowing who you are. But the conversion rates on advertising are low.
Increasing Your Conversion Rate

What is a conversion rate? The number of people that join you divided by the number of people that you speak to multiplied by 100 will give you your conversion rate as a percentage. So if you speak to 100 people about your business and 20 people join you, you have a 20% conversion rate.

20 people/100 people *100 = 20%.

Not bad, you may think, but no. 20% is pretty poor. If you are advertising on a pay per click basis and you are getting a 5% conversion rate, you are doing alright. Face to face, with someone that you know, you should be getting 60% to 80%, especially on a free opportunity.

Why would you want to have to face rejection most of the time? Sure, you will face some rejection, deal with it. But a 20% conversion rate not only damages your self-belief but you are wasting 80% of your time. Don’t do that. It’s much better to use that time to get to know people and only present to the people that show real potential.
How To Not Repel People

I previously wrote an article called “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”. Check it out. The crux of the article is that you shouldn’t go out there and just spam. Eventually you will give yourself a bad name and people will just ignore anything that you send them.

Its way better to show people your dedication and how you can help them to success. Remember also that you are not going to do the work for them, but it is your responsibility to ensure that they know what to do and how to do it. They are your responsibility and your support is critical.
The Benefits of the Greenwin Telecoms Product

There has been so much speculation and questions about the benefits of the Greenwin Telecoms product that I thought I should put this in for clarity.

Membership to the Greenwin Opportunity is free. The telecoms service, if you want to call out, has a subscription fee. As far as I am aware, if you don’t pay the subscription fee you can still receive calls.

Any phone that has an internet browser can be used.

There will be a data cost but it is way less costly than the conventional connection fees, interconnect fees and roaming charges.

I have tested out VoIP and the transfer rates that I have been getting are around 10KB/s. In South Africa, we pay on average R2.40 per minute for normal calling and R0.19 per MB for data transfer. I believe our rates are comparatively some of the highest in the world. So let’s compare normal calls to data calls.

If the transfer rate is 10KB per second it would take 100 seconds to use up a MB @ 0.19. Now I would like to see how long I could talk before its costs me the same as 1 minute on normal calling costs. So 2.40/0.19 = 12.63 x 100 seconds = 1263 seconds or 21 minutes.

So there you have it. Using VoIP from your mobile device is 21 times less costly that normal mobile calls. Even if the transfer rate is doubled, it is still 10 times cheaper to use Greenwin Network.

Just make sure that you get a little data bundle on your mobile phone account and invite all your friends to save money with you.

My Greenwin Network

Charles Hopson

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