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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jump Start Your Homebased Business with These 4 Little Projects #1 by Ray Higdon

So you are tired of hearing that is takes discipline and a daily attack to build your homebased business right? OK, let’s liven things up and give you a fun project to do to break up the monotony. This blog is going to cover project #1, I will cover 2-4 in future blogs if there is interest =) (Hint: Share and comment if you like)

Preface: The main criteria for all four projects is you HAVE to have fun with them. These are NOT that serious and you should NOT stress yourself out over them, those of us that have a profitable homebased business know we have a better way but we don’t have to get upset if someone disagrees.
Homebased Business Jump Start Project #1 – The Negs

Even though it is popular to say not to contact your friends and family, I am going to give you a reason to do just that. First of all, just so you know, if you are afraid to contact them it only means one of two things, either you were trained wrong, or you don’t really believe in what you have to offer in your homebased business. Either way, fix it and get over it.

Make your list. Make your list of people that you know, that like to attend events, that like to read, that have been affected by the economy or that might want to make more money. Then I want you to single out the 20 most negative people on that list. The people that you know that think EVERYTHING including EVERY homebased business is a scam. The people that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, will tell you No Way! Then, call them first. Have fun with it. Here is the script to use:

Hey Negative Nellie (insert their name here), listen, I don’t have a lot of time but I am just gonna throw it out there and ask if you would be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

If they respond with the following, “No”, “No Thanks”, “Is it some scheme” or something along those lines, Say “Cool, thanks, just making sure it was not for you, OK, I gotta go! Talk to you later” and hang up.

If they respond, “What is it”, “Maybe” or something like “Yes”, say this “Well, I want to be very clear and tell you that this probably is NOT up your alley and you won’t be interested but it is a network marketing company that I am building as a homebased business and IF you have an interest, I can send you a video about the business that you can check out. If you do have an interest, which, quite frankly would surprise me, we can talk further”

If they then respond with “Sounds like one of those Amway things”, “Is it a pyramid”, “Is Bernie Madoff running it from prison”, then chuckle (let them hear you chuckle) and respond with “Cool, thanks, just making sure it was not for you, OK, I gotta go! Talk to you later” and hang up.
Why the heck would I have you do this for your homebased business?

Because you will see that it is not that bad. If you can have fun with contacting the WORST skeptics you know, perhaps that will break your fear and your way too serious approach when you talk to others about your homebased business. By the way, every person I have ever had do this, has sponsored at least one person from this exercise :)

Stay tuned for the next 3 homebased business projects to make your business more fun!

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To Your Abundance!

Ray Higdon

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