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Cabo San Lucas
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In fact, it's so good, just about every single investor I know of has been talking about this industry for the past 4 months...

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This is NOT Vitamins, Juices, Energy Bars, Travel Discounts, or Forex...
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Numis Network

Special announcement

Once again, Numis Network is making history!

Introducing Numis Network’s Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee.
5 year 100% buy back guarantee

The Industry's BEST and ONLY Buy Back Guarantee:
Numis Network guarantees to buy back any coin purchased through our Silver Coin
of the Month Club, in 5 years, for 100% of the original purchase price!

The announcement of this historic guarantee is powerful in what it can do for your business... and your income!

The Numis Network Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee eliminates most common concerns such as:

  • "Let me check it out with a coin dealer."
  • "Let me see what it's selling for online."

  • "How do I know if these coins are valuable?"
  • "Where do I sell my coins?"

With this iron-clad guarantee, none of those issues are relevant any longer.

This historic announcement is also great news for your recruiting efforts. Let’s face it, this incinerates the biggest reason someone might not join your business, or the Silver Coin of the Month Club.

The 100% Buy Back Guarantee is also tremendously beneficial for retention of your customers. Once people realize that they can’t lose, many will continue to stay on the Silver Coin of the Month Club.

This is has never been done before!
Don’t mistake Numis Network’s Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee for some ordinary, plain vanilla money back guarantee. It’s so much more!

Think about it.
Do you know of any other product (or collectible) that you can own, enjoy, use, and display for 5 full years… and then return it to the merchant for 100% of the original purchase price?

Click the Buy Back Guarantee logo on the homepage of your website
for all the details about this revolutionary offer.

Numis network

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